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Bims Kitchen African Boabab and Cocoa Nib Sour Caramel

African Boabab and Cocoa Nib Sour Caramel Bims


Combining the tangy fruity taste of baobab fruit with the rich chocolatey flavour of roasted cocoa pieces and Anglesey sea salt, this brand new condiment is delicious as a spread on bread, toast or on cakes or pancakes.

Try some with ice cream, yoghurt or porridge or even blend some into smoothies.

Product Description

Main ingredients: water, baobab fruit 12%, sugar (demerara, molasses), cocoa nibs (7%), Anglesey Sea Salt PDO, acidity regulator: citric acid.

Shelf life: 18 months from production; keep refrigerated once opened and use within 2 months.

215g packaged in 8oz glass jar





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